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Carli is “a star of the first order,” declares evaluator Thom Shepherd of the WGBH Educational Foundation. “In my opinion, he comes close to being a national treasure... [he] mastered mood, motion and melody ...[and] managed to pull some wonderful emotional subtleties and sound effects from the visuals.”


Northeast Historic Film Moving Image Review Winter 2004





Special kudos need to go to Philip Carli, who composed and performed the piano score soundtrack accompanying the films. What's noteworthy about Carli's work is that it was clearly created with care for the visuals. Unlike many silent film scores prepared for video over the decades, Carli's work is neither random "old timey" doodling nor pre-existing public domain music effortlessly slapped onto the visuals. His piano accompaniment fits each film as if the two pieces were created to be together, and at the same time manages to be unobtrusive. It's one of the few occasions I've experienced where a new score for films of this vintage actually complements the material.


Mark Bourne

reviewing for The DVD Journal The Origins of Film: 1900-1926

The Library of Congress Video Collection

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This DVD edition features the same fine Philip Carli music score, composed and performed by Carli on piano, that was available in Shepard's earlier home video editions of Regeneration. The stereo score adds to the presentation of the film and is another example of Carli's respected work in silent film accompaniment.


Carl Bennett

Review of the DVD release of Regeneration (1918)

c.2001 by Carl Bennett