Flower City Society Orchestra
elegant entertainment from the rag time era

Booking the Flower City Society Orchestra

Arrangements for theater and entertainment were as fluid at the beginning of the 20th century as they are today, and encompass ensembles that will fit any occasion and budget. We draw our repertoire from a wide variety of entertainment music from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including both dance numbers and characteristic pieces carefully selected to delight the audience; specific pieces may also be included on request. Suggested ensemble options are listed below, along with sample fee estimates for a 2-hour performance.

Fees for particular occasions, ensembles and venues will vary by mutual agreement, and longer or shorter performances can be arranged. Contact us at symphony@philipcarli.com or (585) 729-3873 for references or to arrange a booking.

Solo keyboard

This is the traditional choice for small receptions, cocktail entertainment or other intimate gatherings. The fee will normally be about $150.

3-6 performers (may include violin, flute, clarinet and/or cornet, keyboard, percussion)

This ensemble is suitable for dinners and receptions; it provides a lively sound and a strong presence. The fee will normally be about $500

9-11 performers (3-4 strings, flute, clarinet, 1-2 cornets, trombone, keyboard, percussion)

This ensemble was often used in early sound recording and theater accompaniment; all the colors of a full orchestra are included. This group is appropriate for indoor performances, including dances and theatrical accompaniment. Because of the light string presence, it is not recommended for outdoor occasions. The fee will normally be about $1,000

13-15 performers (6-8 strings, flute, clarinet, 2 cornets, trombone, percussion, conductor)

A full orchestral ensemble without keyboard backup, this ensemble is suitable for large dance and concert performances, both in halls and (covered) outdoor venues. Amplification may be needed for outdoor performance, but is usually not needed indoors. The fee will normally be about $1,500

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